1. Brasilia: Cultural and civic information




Brasilia is famous for being a city idealized by Juscelino Kubitschek through an ambitious project which included great challenges in its execution, so it became an important event in the history of urbanism and it was listed as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The capital´s urban project, known as Plano Piloto, was planned by Lúcio Costa, who took advantage of the terrain and adapted it to the Paranoá lake project.


With architectonic monuments and spaces, the Square of Three Powers, the Chamber of Deputies, the Federal Senate and the Planalto Palace represent a complex of incomparable architectonical aesthetic plasticity. Many buildings of the federal capital were planned by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The history of Brasilia deserves to be known, so you can access the webpages suggested or visit the JK Memorial and other museums in the Monumental Axis.


To know the city through a city tour, you can take a bus in the Brasilia Shopping to go sightseeing. To visit the Cultural Centre of the Bank of Brazil, you can take the bus of the CCBB in hotels and in the Monumental Axis for free. The city also offers a representative culinary from several Brazilian states, together with tradition and culture, and restaurants specialized in French, German, Italian, Arabian and Asian cooking. In July, 2013, you may obtain information about the cultural attractions and festive dates through the following webpages.


If you want to visit Brasilia or know more about this beautiful city, access the webpage InfoBrasília, where you can find information about the history of the capital, tips for travelling, touristic points, restaurants, webpages of hotels and hostels, geographic, architectonic and climate information, tips about the ecotourism in the Central West region and curiosities of Brasilia, all illustrated with beautiful pictures.


In Roteiro Brasília, you will find information about food, entertainment and art. The webpage includes three guides where you can find restaurants, bars, cafés and newsstands, and provides the last news about entertainment and art in the city: film premiers, shows, exhibitions, music and handicraft.


The Feriadao.com provides touristic information in general. Regarding Brasilia, you should type the name of the city in the option “Full Research”, which is on the right side of the footnote, where you can find information about the history of Brasilia, tours, accommodation, weather, pictures and sports.


Other option is the Brasil Viagem. When accessing the homepage, click “Brasilia” in the list of destinations. You can find information about the history, the tourism of the city, the weather forecasting, links to the best hotels and restaurants and a resource of currency conversion.