1. Directions to Brasilia, transport and maps




Brasilia, for being located on the central region of Brazil, serves as air and overland connection of the country. The International Airport President Juscelino Kubitscheck is one of the busiest in Brazil, handling more than 10 million passengers per year for 44 different destinations. Eight radial highways connect the federal capital with other regions of Brazil. Therefore, being in Brazil, you can go to Brasilia by air, bus and car.


Brasilia has buses for the main avenues, and micro-buses for the secondary streets. The subway leaves the Rodoviária (bus station) and goes south and out of the city center. The taxi service is offered in specific places, such as hotels, shopping centers and superblocks. It is suggested to have a phone number of radio taxi to call if necessary, since only a few taxis are available in the city.


When consulting the map of Brasilia, you will find letters and numbers in addresses of federal and district entities and in residential and commercial addresses. In other cities, the signs of streets are usually identified by names of people and numbers; in Brasilia, the addresses are organized by number sequence and abbreviations. The city center is called “Plano Piloto”, with two wings, South and North. For example: SQS 201 means South Superblock 201 (residential area); SHS means South Hotel Sector; SHN means North Hotel Sector.


The Congress will take place in the North Wing (Plano Piloto), so you should prefer the South and North hotel sectors (SHS of SHN) when booking, to visit any sector of the city without difficulty. Other Administrative Regions of Brasilia, known as “satellite cities”, such as Taguatinga, Ceilândia, Núcleo Bandeirante, Guará, are 20 to 40 km from the venue of the Congress, so you should avoid choosing hotels in these regions.


For consulting


The Brasilia Convention & Visitors Bureau is an institution aiming to promote Brasilia as a tourist attraction. The webpage includes three items: Tourism (attractions and itineraries), Events (information) and Services (handicraft, transport, among others). Additionally, the webpage provides maps, useful phone numbers, pictures, videos and information about the particularities of the city and its climate. The English version is available.


The “Portal UnB – Conheça Brasilia” is suggested for those who like to consult maps. The surfer may choose a place to be localized in Brasilia, such as monuments, theatres, churches, temples, parks, libraries and museums, and look for information about the main highways of the city.


Other interesting webpage is the “Guia de Brasilia”. It has an exclusive item aimed at tourists who want to visit the city, including some tips about transport, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and tours, as well as other information about climate, vegetation and weather forecasting.



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