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Dear congressional fellows,

Welcome to Brasilia and SIP 2013!

Below you will find key information regarding distances, our transportation system, accommodation and locations.

The UniCEUB campus, location of the venue, is in a residential “neighborhood” (Asa Norte), as can be visualized in the following map.
Officially Brasília does not have neighborhoods, but such parallel can ease ones understanding of a conventional town. There is also the Asa Sul (South Wing), a mirror of Asa Norte (North Wing) and the “body” of the plane, headquarters of administrative and palace offices.
If you want are interested in more information about Brasília’s design, click on this link:
Here’s a video about Brasília as the town is portrayed nowadays:.
And a link that shows how one can get around (only in portuguese): .


The Northern Hotel Sector (Setor Hoteleiro Norte), specifically blocks (quadra) 4 and 5, are the closest UniCEUB (2.4km) in a forested straight and safe direction. In July it is seldom to rain in Brasilia and the average temperature stays within 18-28 ° C.Therefore, it is possible to take this route on foot in approximately 30 minutes or a taxi for R$ 10, and one can even take a bus, popularly known as “grande circular” (large circular) or yet the “W3 Norte” bus line, for R$ 2. By both lines, one should descend at the 708 Norte (North) bus stop, which is precisely in the same block as UniCEUB. If you choose to walk, we suggest carry on water bottles as humidity is usually very low, along with the use of sun block, considering that sun rays are intense and usually there are no clouds.

The South Hotel Sector South (Setor Hoteleiro Sul) is approximately 5km from UniCEUB and a taxi ride should cost approximately R$ 15. We do not recommend walking to UniCEUB because there are many roads to cross. The indicated bus line is also the “grande circular”, as mentioned above.



We have established arrangements with Blumar for reservations and any further assistance that a congressional fellow may have.
We have verified some distances from hotels in Setor Hoteleior Norte (North sector hotels) and UniCEUB:

Mercure Brasilia Monumental Axis: 2.4 Km
Aracoara Hotel: 2.5 Km
Nobile Suites Monumental: 2.6 Km
Comfort Suites: 2.8 Km
Kubitschek Plaza: 3.8 Km
Manhattan Plaza: 3.9 Km
Airam: 2.7 Km

If you are interested in more feasible options, here are a few alternatives:



The North and South Hotel Sectors have shopping centers with restaurants and food courts that serve meals at lunch and dinner times. Most of the hotels have good restaurant services.
UniCEUB has a diversity of restaurant options at walking distance (100m to 1.5Km). We will share a map and dining options closed to the venue dates.


Weather and clothing

Brasilia is the capital city of the Federative Republic of Brazil and the seat of government of the Federal District. It is listed as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO for being a planned city, with a great architectonical heritage. According to the census of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) in 2010, Brasilia had a population of 2,562,963, making it the fourth most populous city in Brazil. It is located on the central region of Brazil, with an elevation rising from 1,000 to 1,200 meters above sea level, along a plateau known as Planalto Central, which is a gently undulating plain. The typical vegetation is the “cerrado” (savannah), and there are large wooded areas with grass and flowers.


Brasilia has a tropical highland climate, with a clammy and rainy summer (since December to February) and a dry and relatively cold winter (since May to July). In July, the Congress month, the typical climate is dry and cold. The maximum temperatures usually vary from 13°C to 24°C, and the minimum temperatures from 8°C to 18°C. It is worth mentioning that the felt air temperature during the day is not so cold, but at night is cold, without strong winds. The variations are due to the dryness in the region. In order to mitigate the effects of the dry climate, it is suggested to drink a lot of water and to use moisturizer. For your comfort, you should always carry some warm clothes, mainly at night, because the temperature in Brasilia varies, depending on the part of the day.


Clothing in Brasilia is very varied. However, as we are not in a region of beaches, the people prefer a more formal way compared to the Brazilian coastal cities. To visit public entities, such as the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate, it is not allowed to enter wearing Bermuda shorts and flip flop. Therefore, you should carry clothes that make you feel good, but that you can wear to visit these places. For more information about the climate in Brasilia, access

Directions to Brasilia, transport and maps

Brasilia, for being located on the central region of Brazil, serves as air and overland connection of the country. The International Airport President Juscelino Kubitscheck is one of the busiest in Brazil, handling more than 10 million passengers per year for 44 different destinations. Eight radial highways connect the federal capital with other regions of Brazil. Therefore, being in Brazil, you can go to Brasilia by air, bus and car.


Brasilia has buses for the main avenues, and micro-buses for the secondary streets. The subway leaves the Rodoviária (bus station) and goes south and out of the city center. The taxi service is offered in specific places, such as hotels, shopping centers and superblocks. It is suggested to have a phone number of radio taxi to call if necessary, since only a few taxis are available in the city.


When consulting the map of Brasilia, you will find letters and numbers in addresses of federal and district entities and in residential and commercial addresses. In other cities, the signs of streets are usually identified by names of people and numbers; in Brasilia, the addresses are organized by number sequence and abbreviations. The city center is called “Plano Piloto”, with two wings, South and North. For example: SQS 201 means South Superblock 201 (residential area); SHS means South Hotel Sector; SHN means North Hotel Sector.


The Congress will take place in the North Wing (Plano Piloto), so you should prefer the South and North hotel sectors (SHS of SHN) when booking, to visit any sector of the city without difficulty. Other Administrative Regions of Brasilia, known as “satellite cities”, such as Taguatinga, Ceilândia, Núcleo Bandeirante, Guará, are 20 to 40 km from the venue of the Congress, so you should avoid choosing hotels in these regions.


For consulting


The Brasilia Convention & Visitors Bureau is an institution aiming to promote Brasilia as a tourist attraction. The webpage includes three items: Tourism (attractions and itineraries), Events (information) and Services (handicraft, transport, among others). Additionally, the webpage provides maps, useful phone numbers, pictures, videos and information about the particularities of the city and its climate. The English version is available.


The “Portal UnB – Conheça Brasilia” is suggested for those who like to consult maps. The surfer may choose a place to be localized in Brasilia, such as monuments, theatres, churches, temples, parks, libraries and museums, and look for information about the main highways of the city.


Other interesting webpage is the “Guia de Brasilia”. It has an exclusive item aimed at tourists who want to visit the city, including some tips about transport, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and tours, as well as other information about climate, vegetation and weather forecasting.



For more information, click on the link below


Cultural and civic information

Brasilia is famous for being a city idealized by Juscelino Kubitschek through an ambitious project which included great challenges in its execution, so it became an important event in the history of urbanism and it was listed as World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The capital´s urban project, known as Plano Piloto, was planned by Lúcio Costa, who took advantage of the terrain and adapted it to the Paranoá lake project.


With architectonic monuments and spaces, the Square of Three Powers, the Chamber of Deputies, the Federal Senate and the Planalto Palace represent a complex of incomparable architectonical aesthetic plasticity. Many buildings of the federal capital were planned by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. The history of Brasilia deserves to be known, so you can access the webpages suggested or visit the JK Memorial and other museums in the Monumental Axis.


To know the city through a city tour, you can take a bus in the Brasilia Shopping to go sightseeing. To visit the Cultural Centre of the Bank of Brazil, you can take the bus of the CCBB in hotels and in the Monumental Axis for free. The city also offers a representative culinary from several Brazilian states, together with tradition and culture, and restaurants specialized in French, German, Italian, Arabian and Asian cooking. In July, 2013, you may obtain information about the cultural attractions and festive dates through the following webpages.

If you want to visit Brasilia or know more about this beautiful city, access the webpageInfoBrasília, where you can find information about the history of the capital, tips for travelling, touristic points, restaurants, webpages of hotels and hostels, geographic, architectonic and climate information, tips about the ecotourism in the Central West region and curiosities of Brasilia, all illustrated with beautiful pictures.


In Roteiro Brasília, you will find information about food, entertainment and art. The webpage includes three guides where you can find restaurants, bars, cafés and newsstands, and provides the last news about entertainment and art in the city: film premiers, shows, exhibitions, music and handicraft.


The provides touristic information in general. Regarding Brasilia, you should type the name of the city in the option “Full Research”, which is on the right side of the footnote, where you can find information about the history of Brasilia, tours, accommodation, weather, pictures and sports.


Other option is the Brasil Viagem. When accessing the homepage, click “Brasilia” in the list of destinations. You can find information about the history, the tourism of the city, the weather forecasting, links to the best hotels and restaurants and a resource of currency conversion.

Suggestions for night tours

Brasilia offers many places for night entertainment, such as bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and shows. For some suggestions, access the following webpages.

In the section Divirta-se of the CorreioWeb, you will find information about cinemas, theatres, exhibitions, parties, restaurants, bars and cafés, including tips given by goers and comments made by critics. Besides, you can know about all is happening in the city, with information about prices, schedules and places.


Veja Brasília - O Melhor da Cidade 2011/2012 is the most complete gastronomic guide of the federal capital, where you can find the best bars and restaurants. You can also find new houses, the best ones by category and the varied gastronomic options in Brasilia.

Suggestions for daily tours

Brasilia has a blue sky and a sunset like no other city. Mainly in periods of drought, the dryer the weather, the more orange and red the beautiful dusk. In addition to large green and free areas, with a wide horizon, it may also be very interesting to walk, seeing the city and the landscape. There are also excellent restaurants, cafés and bars near the UniCEUB, the venue of the Congress. The type of program and prices may be chosen through the links and, during the Congress, if you need any suggestion or guidance, we can help you.


The webpage ArteBrasília, shows the work of plastic artists of the region and provides information about exhibitions and cultural events. It is suggested for those who like arts and do not want to choose a traditional tour.


Brasilia is able to receive a lot of tourists in 58 hotels of different categories, apartment hotels and guesthouses. However, we suggest you to book in advance, since the city will host the FIFA Confederations Cup in the same period of the Interamerican Congress of Psychology in 2013.


When looking for accommodation, choose hotels or apartment hotels located on the North or South hotel sectors (SHS or SHN) of the Plano Piloto, the best addresses from where you can go to the Congress, go shopping, go to restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatre or go to dance in places with music performance or discotheques. 



For more information, click on the link below