Congress - Cultural program during the Congress



Day 15 of July of 2013
19:00 h Ceremony of Opening-Center de Convenções of Brasilia Ulissses Guimarães
Presentation of the Brazilian National Hymn interpreted by the singer Déborah Vasconcellos with the accompaniment of the Marcos Vinícius Magalhães guittar.
Presentation of the feminine group of percussion- Group Batalá


Day 16 of July of 2013 – UniCEUB
 12:00 h Presentation of the group of capoeira and Maculelê – Group Berimbazu
Coordination Ygor master


Day 17 of July of 2013 - UniCEUB
12:00 h Presentation of group of Frevo
Coordination Jorge Marinho


Day 18 of July of 2013 – UniCEUB
 12:00 h Presentation band Baião of 2, Project of social inclusion of the Association of Parents and Friends of Cognitive Defect Person – APAE
 Coordination teacher Kaká Taciano.


Day 19 of July - UNiCEUB
12:00 h Presentation group of  dance  Quadrilha  Junina Formiga da  Roça Kids
Social Project children and adolescents of  São Sebastião
Coordinating Patrese Ricardo

17:30 h Ceremony of Closing
19:30 h Presentation of the Band of Samba Déborah Vasconcellos