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Holding the Interamerican Congress of Psychology (SIP 2013) for the first time in Brasilia was amongst the goals of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Brasilia (UnB) many years ago. In 2009, a proposal was developed, supported by many Brazilian universities and scientific associations, leading to its appreciation by the Interamerican Society of Psychology - SIP, during the 32nd SIP, held in Guatemala City. The proposal was very well received and in 2011 during the 33rd SIP, in Medellin Colombia, the Institute of Psychology (UnB) officially received the endorsement and responsibility for this endeavor. During that year, UniCEUB was invited to take part in the organization of the conference, and thus we have enthusiastically embraced in organizing the 34th Interamerican Congress of Psychology (SIP 2013).


The 34th Interamerican Congress of Psychology will be held in Brasilia, since July 15th to 19th, 2013 and organized by two traditional higher education institutions, with quality recognition of education and research at regional and national level, respectively: the University Center of Brasilia / UniCEUB and the University of Brasilia / UnB.


The University Center of Brasilia – UniCEUB is strongly characterized by its pioneering nature. The institution was founded in 1968, being called Unified Teaching Center of Brasilia – CEUB, and offered evening undergraduate programs for higher education courses, which represented an option because the University of Brasilia just offered before evening programs. In the first entrance examination of the UniCEUB, all the vacancies were filled. Therefore, a history of success began, which has always been updated. Other characteristic of the UniCEUB has been the permanent development. The institution follows the technological and pedagogical modernization, becoming a reference in the Central-West region of Brazil. The excellence in education was essential for it to be considered by the Ministry of Education (MEC) as the first university center of Brasilia in the 90s. Thereafter, the institution was called UniCEUB – University Center of Brasilia.


Nowadays, the institution offers 32 graduate courses in different areas: legal science, social science, exact science, health science, educational science and technological science. There is also a Master in Psychology, recently approved by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), which determined the quality of graduate programs and the scientific maturity of faculty members as important requirements to offer the Master´s Program.


At present, the UniCEUB offers the most extensive program of attendance to the community in the Federal District, by providing practice education to students and welfare to the community. Its guiding philosophy includes the formation of an integral human being through the pursuit of knowledge and truth, guaranteeing the proper understanding of himself and his professional and social responsibility. For additional information, access


The University of Brasilia (UnB) is an institution that aims to integrate the scientific rigor with the artistic audacity. The knowledge production in the UnB follows the three-dimensional model of education, research and extension, which favor a higher education of high quality, respectful with all the outlines of knowledge and the society. The UnB was founded on April 21st, 1962, two years after the inauguration of Brasilia.


Currently, the UnB has 1,683 professors, 6,960 employees and 30,727 regular graduate students and 8,913 postgraduate students. It also has 26 institutes and colleges and 18 centers of specialized research. It offers 105 undergraduate graduate courses, being 30 of evening programs and 10 of distance education programs. Additionally, there are 147 postgraduate courses (at master and/or doctorate levels) and 22 specializations.


The courses are distributed into four campuses within the Federal District: Darcy Ribeiro (Pilot Plan), Planaltina, Ceilândia and Gama (Satellite cities). The supporting institutions include the University Hospital, the Central Library, the Veterinary Hospital and the farm Agua Limpa. For additional information, access


The activities of research and education in psychology began in the UnB in 1964. Nowadays, there is an Institute of Psychology, with four departments, an attendance center for practice activities and an international scientific journal. There is a junior enterprise, managed by students and supported by the Institute. This Institute offers an undergraduate course in Psivhology, four master programs and four doctorate programs. For additional information, access


Executive Committee

Jairo Eduardo Borges-Andrade


Maria Regina Maluf

Maria Ângela Guimarães Feitosa

Simone Roballo

Onofre Rodrigues de Miranda

Coordination: Eileen Pfeiffer Flores

Coordination: Suzana Joffily

Coordination: Simone Roballo

Coordination: Katia Puente-Palacios

Coordination: Mauricio Sarmet

Coordination: Goiara Mendonça de Castilho

Coordination: Juliana Barreiros Porto

Coordination: Gláucia Ribeiro Starling Diniz

Coordination: Fabio Iglesias

Coordination: Sandra Abreu and Hartmut Günter

International Scientific Committee

Alchieri, João Carlos - Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Brasil

Ardila, Rubén - Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colômbia

Bernal, Guillermo - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Recinto Río Piedras, Porto Rico

Blumen, Sheyla - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Peru

Bueno, José Lino Oliveira - Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil


Cardenas, Fernando P. - Universidad de Los Andes, Colômbia

Ceberio, Marcelo Rodriguez - Universidad Kennedy, Argentina

Diaz-Loving, Rolando - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, México

Ferdman, Bernardo Alliant – University, EUA

Grazioso, María del Pilar - Universidad Del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala

Hausdorf, Peter - University of Guelph, Canadá

Mena, Alberto Cobián - Universidad Médica de Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Porto, Juliana Barreiros - Universidade de Brasília, Brasil

Rey, Fernando Luiz Gonzalez - Centro Universitário de Brasília, Brasil

Spink, Mary Jane - Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brasil


Urquijo, Sebastián - Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata, Argentina