Greetings - President of the XXXIV Interamerican Congress of Psychology


To the Psychology professionals, teachers, researchers and students,


For the fourth time, the Interamerican Congress of Psychology – ICP will take place in Brazil. In 2013, ICP certainly will find a Country quite different from the one which received it in São Paulo, in 1997. Furthermore, it will now be in Brasília!


Brazil, when hosting XXXIV ICP, will be with almost 200 million inhabitants, 80% living in its cities and leaving behind the conditions of extreme poverty. It will be self-sustainable in energy and will be celebrating more than 25 years of continuing democracy.


We will probably have more than 360 undergraduate courses, 70 master courses and 50 doctoral courses in Psychology. We may have reached 250 thousand psychologists. We will have more than two tens scientific societies covering diverse areas of Psychology.


Devise a modern city, monument and showcase of Brazil, which has recently been fifty years old. It is a capital city which beats in the Country’s geographical center, with 2.5 million inhabitants. This is Brasília!


You will be very welcome!

Jairo Eduardo Borges-Andrade, PhD
President of the XXXIV ICP